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Audits and Remapping

I will run a complete site audit of your site and find every problem that it may have, including crawl errors (broken internal and external links, HTML consistency and content issues -duplicate,quality,amount,relevance etc.) I will also regain all the links you didn’t even know you have. The way a site flows, from the home page to your blog posts, must be coherent and intuitive. Googles algorithms are specifically created to mimic human characteristics such as recognizing slow page loads and when a site is easy to navigate. Internal links, especially navigation and call to action links must be carefully mapped to aid with ease of use and finding what searcher is looking for. At the same time sites must be SEO friendly, particularly for keyword mapping which is what your site structure should be based on. Making your site SEO and Google friendly is a powerful ranking factor, but it is very difficult, labor intensive, and often breaks a site badly. Let me do It right.

Competitor Analysis

Whomever outranks you I will find, research and conquer :-). Complete competitor analysis takes time and understanding not to mention very expensive software tools. You ever wonder why you’re outranked by sites that seemingly have weaker metrics? That’s because guys like me know how to cover up all SEO evidence so you can’t reverse engineer their shady tactics. That’s why only about 15% of the metrics obtained by software is relevant. Ask me and I’ll show you.

CONTENT and Syndication

Engaging and professional content will be created for your entire network( networks you own or I create for you) and is carefully syndicated to all of your properties and profiles with a quality standard for actual human consumption not an algorithm. Why content syndication? Because its efficient, effective, fast and essential for keeping sites and pages fresh and relevant. My research strongly indicates that this is a big cause of small algorithmic penalties ( that most SEO’s don’t understand or have knowledge of) that negatively impact these prevalent run of the mill networks and systematically sap the juice from the money sites the point to.

Private Content/Backlink Networks

Traditional PBN’s are dead. I have many different backlink acquisition techniques for building all types of backlinks, and yes, building networks is one of them. Clean, powerful and relevant backlinks are the key and acquiring those is my specialty. PBN’s are risky but they work. I have developed full proof techniques to build powerful network websites that 1. add value, 2. are real, and 3. are niche relevant. This creates what I call directed content display networks that can never be de-indexed because they are real! No one uses this type of system because most believe its not cost effective. I have made it cost effective and bullet proof. I can also build any size PBN’n in the traditional sense using my Google safe techniques (web2.0’s,expired domains,social media profiles, etc.).

How we Get This Done

Comminication is pivitol so I always communicate everything clearly
Getting on Page One of Google should be the goal of every SEO campaign

I will set you up with a One Drive account(Not advisable to use Google Docs) and will show you how to access and use it if you don't already know how. You will be able to upload any files, content, images or pertinent data I will need or that you will want me to consider. We can communicate by phone, or by any media you prefer. I can work from any location so I can come to you or you can come to me if you need to speak in person. If you're local, payments can be made with the payment method you prefer. If you're not local PayPal is required for payment. I can do your SEO for less than the more established and larger agencies because I work for one first of all, so I know what precisely, and where precisely to spend time and money for only SEO assets that move the site up, avoiding superfluous spending on unnecessary fluff. Also, I have no overhead. Advanced SEO and Search Analytics are the focus of my work, research and life. I can rank any property, site, page, widget whatever with a URL. Reports are provided with metrics on all keywords and I will be happy to provide reports on any data you believe is important.

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